(Dream Draft 6)


⊙ ReL⊙vution Constellation ⊙

Weekly, Broadcast Summits of Eight to Five Hundred
Representatives of the Nonviolent Left 
Seattle and Other Cities
Beginning Valentines Day 2014

“No single person can liberate a country. You can only liberate a country if you act as a collective.” ~Nelson Mandela

All you need are a thousands of individuals and a few simple rules of interaction to create complex structures. There's no need for a baron in this world, just a few repeating patterns of movement amplified into larger shapes that last for lifetimes. ~abstracted from Steven Johnson, Emergence

Eight to Five Hundred People 
Representing the Loving Left, Progressives and Moderates, 
The 23-80%

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Sit Down iN This Circle

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Reps represent and serve those who have entrusted the responsibility to them, not just themselves.

By participating you consent to: 0) Start from zero. We start as we do with friends, never violating each other, assuming as little as possible. 
1) Consent. All decisions affecting anyone must be consented to by them.
2) Sustainability. We commit to helping the biosphere to thrive in the future. 
3) Justice. We will work for fairness and equality for all.
4) Happiness for all.
5) Now. We gather to quickly connect the critical mass needed for success and we begin to plan a series of projects that critical mass could accomplish.

We need a quorum for coming to any consent. We agree to continue to gather people and make no final decisions on what we will do until we have buy-in from 25% or more of those affected by a proposal. 

We won't quibble (much) if we share the mission. If you don't feel comfortable with this, you may have a different mission! 

~ Our goal is to catalyze a full, self-defined, evolving constellation of the caring for action on a series of proposals that will quickly, deeply and permanently optimize conditions for all. 
~ Proposals will be discussed and offered to the 23% for objections and our (always revocable) consent. 
~ We will network the entire global 23% into the consent/objection process asap. You involvement if you share our mission is essential!

~ We progressives are many: Enough to tip the scales to justice, sustainability and happiness for all, if we plan and act together with power-equivalence.
~ If we build it, they will come, connect, decide, plan, and act with real power.
~ Humanity is already evolved and conscious enough that we can work together to rapidly organize a just, sustainable, happy world for all.
~ At least 80% of us are already in consent to not hurt anyone just for the sake of unneeded luxury or power.
~ 23-80% share the mission of sustainability, justice, happiness: All of the poor, most women, and 20% of men.
~ A permanent, organized, self-governing, massive, progressive movement may well save humanity and life on earth.
~ The nonviolent left and much of the middle should self-govern with transparency, replicability, power-equivalence, consent, intelligence, democracy, and fairness.
~ We need a distributed power network for decision making.
~ We think better together. Much better.
~ We should focus our best ideas, planning and critical mass on the causes of problems.
~ A movement big enough to permanently improve things at the causal level will be nonviolent, at least in most of the developed world.
~ Excluding fossil-derived energy, there is enough stuff—food, housing, health care, shelter and education—for all, if we share.
~ We probably have energy for all if we distribute well, conserve and develop alternative, safe sources.
~ When we share and build a social safety-net, we will stabilize and reduce population quickly.
~ Most of the rich and powerful—the 20%—will seriously consider offers of continued lifestyle, hero status and a safer world in exchange for allowing the the military, police, law, government and economy to be governed by a deeply democratic, healthy, peaceful, wise majority.
~ We need to act quickly and efficiently now. It's essential.

Gatherings will have as many as 512 people and as few as three, but no decision making groups will be larger than eight.

We will seek as much web, TV, radio, podcast, magazine and newspaper coverage as possible.

Dance⊙cracy, Facilitation and Music by Bruce Cockburn, DJ Hendrick, Burning Spear, Jo Cobbett, John Buck, Dan Savage.

Nomination Process, Flow Facilitation, and Implementation Circle: Lawrence Cole, David Cates, Tim Anderson, John Buck, Annie Leonard, Brian Fifer, Dan Kinsey, Candy Malina, Margaret Flinter, CT Butler.

Facilitation, Dance⊙cracy, and Music by Bruce Cockburn, DJ Hendrick, Burning Spear, Jo Cobbett, John Buck, Dan Savage and Karen Fletcher.

A sampling of Representatives and advisors we have nominated and need to invite:
Chris Hedges 
Vandana Shiva
Media Benjamin
Helen Caldicott
Judy Collins
Joan Baez
Harry Belafonte
Tom Hayden
Chaz Bono
Cyndi Lauper
Dan Savage
Alan Grayson
Courtney Love
Tori Amos
Margaret Cho
Angela Davis
Hillary Clinton
Ani DiFranco
Joanna Macy
Susan Griffin
Julian Bond
Andrew Young
Elizabeth Warren
Bonnie Raitt
Elie Wiesel
Gloria Steinem
Holly Hunter
Alan Grayson
Joan Jet
Bruce Cockburn
Barbara Kingslover
Naomi Klein
Amanda Palmer
Alice Walker
Winona LaDuke
Jesse Jackson
Pete Seeger
Neil Young
Ramsey Clark
Kathy Kelley
Ron Kovic
Yoko Ono
Hunter Lovins
Bill McKibben
Peter Yarrow
Desmond Tutu
The Dalai Lama
Thich Nhat Hanh
Dick Gregory
Robert Reich
Cornell West
Travis Smiley
Barbara Ehrenreich
Michael Moore
Bill Moyers
Bill Maher
Dennis Kucinich
Ralph Nader 
Al Gore 
Noam Chomsky
Zia Mian
Jimmy Carter 
ALisa Starkweather
Gene Sharp
Cindy Sheehan
Martin Sheen
Jane Fonda
Daniel Ellesburg
Daniel Berrigan